Welcome to Wrong Writers, LLC homepage we are defenders of wrongful conviction. We have been in business twenty-five years and we know how to get things done. Our owner David Langley will help you get the justice you deserve. He has won many wrongful conviction lawsuits with some that total a million dollars or more.

David Langley is a criminal rights lawyer with twenty-five years experience. His team of competent lawyers can get the case overturned and we make sure that the settlement is enough to cover any hardships. Life is hard enough without getting wrongfully accused of something that the convicted person didn’t do. Our teams of lawyers will research the case and make recommendations helping the accused throughout the entire process.

At Wrong Writers, LLC we know what our clients are going through. Wrongful convictions are a miscarriage of justice and has taken away valuable years from our clients. We know how to walk the client through the whole process of having the case overturned. This is an emotional process for our clients and we know how to comfort during a time of need.

We have the resources and lawyers to spend hours researching and developing a plan to get our clients to stand tall again. Many clients have had their civil rights violated and of need of a competent and experienced wrongful conviction lawyer.

The History of our firm-Wrong Writers, LLC was founded by our owner David Langley in 1990. David has many competent civil rights lawyers working for him and can help get the justice our clients deserve. Today our firm is well recognized and we have won numerous lawsuits over a million dollars.

Our Philosophy- Take cases where we can pursue justice for our clients. Wrongful conviction can be complicated and we are committed to obtaining justice in all our clients cases. When we choose your case to pursue, it means we are dedicated to the client’s case and will spend lots of money and time before we go to trial.

Wrong Writers, LLC will be dedicated to you if we choose your case so contact us today for more information in your wrongful conviction lawsuit. Remember we have won many cases that were over a million dollars.